Why You Shouldn’t Be Sad On Valentines Day

I’m not anti-valentines day, I think that it’s a cute holiday but it’s just a tad overrated. I’ve been in a relationship for close to 6 years now and in the beginning of the relationship, I felt like there was a lot of pressure to be SOO happy and overly excited for valentines day. There shouldn’t be a designated day to show your significant other that you love them, every day that you’re together should be valentines day. Also even if you don’t have a significant other doesn’t mean you don’t have someone who loves and cares about you. I always say that my dad will forever be my favorite Valentine.

Many good (decent) reasons you shouldn’t be bummed out on valentines day…

1. It’s basically just a commercial holiday to exploit couples

2. Think of all of the money you’re saving

3. Discounted chocolate February 15th (my favorite)

4. You have friends and family who love you

5. A majority of couples fight on valentines day due to being let down or stressed over plans

6. It’s only 24 hours and thankfully is not a permanent situation

Ok… I couldn’t think of any other reasons why you shouldn’t be upset on Valentine’s day because I feel like its such a silly day and just because you aren’t in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re alone!

Instead of being annoyingly romantic with someone else on this day you should spend time with your friends, order takeout, get your nails done, go shopping for something special, work on your blog, pay it forward, watch a movie, eat a big bowl of ice cream… there are endless things that you can do today that don’t involve showing excess PDA, seriously it’s just another day and you shouldn’t waste it, life is too short!

Thanks for keeping up with me!

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” – Maya Angelou

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