Why I’ll Never Bleach My Hair Again…

Here we are, another blog post!

I feel like its that time of the year again when I start wanting to transition my hair color into a more spring vibe which usually involves highlights… except for last year when I wanted to go 100% blonde LOL.


I really wanted my hair to look similar to this. You may be thinking, oh that’s cute and probably pretty attainable! Well, it’s not, especially when you’re hair is naturally dark brown.

I am no stranger to coloring my hair and changing things up. I love changing my hair up. I have never attempted to go fully blonde and probably never will again 🙂

Trust me, my hairdresser warned me beforehand that the picture above may not be attainable but like any good loyal customer, I said well you don’t know until you try! The picture below is what my hair looked like 1 week prior to my attempt at going blonde.


The picture below was after the first session of bleaching. After how good it went I was like oh wow my hairdresser really underestimated the strength of my hair… so far so good! But let me mention, although we bleached my hair, due to all of the build-up of different hair color products it was extremely difficult to strip the color of my hair.


I went back to my hairdresser 2 weeks after our first go at my hair. 2 fucking weeks… This is when I started to realize that my hairdresser was in fact, correct.


It was so god damn difficult to keep my hair looking “blonde”. It would look blonde for a few days and then turn brassy, even though I was toning my hair and using purple shampoo.


You can really start to see the breakage after the 2nd trip to my hairdresser. She also had to cut a few inches off because of how dead it was 🙁 Despite this, I was not giving up! I wanted blonde hair!!


Hahaha, I can’t even believe I’m posting this but this is what my hair would look like if I didn’t straighten it or curl it. I couldn’t just take a shower anymore and let my hair air dry because this is how it would turn out. It was extremely difficult to reduce the amount of heat I used on my hair while doing these bleaching processes.

When I would get my hair wet it would turn to mush – that’s how damaged it was. I was losing so much hair, you would think that I would stop getting my god damn hair bleached!! But nope… I was persistent.


The breakage :,(  My hair literally just kept getting shorter and shorter…


I do just have to say though, when I curled my hair it looked pretty cute because you couldn’t notice the breakage as much. But I still struggled with my hair turning a brassy color and not looking blonde. Also, I wasn’t like devastated over the brassiness of my hair… I feel like I am someone who can pull off a range of hair colors. But I really wanted to be blonde, not brassy.

After several trips (5-6) within a short amount of time, I decided to throw in the towel because we were not able to achieve the results that I was hoping for. I am also incredibly impatient and was tired of waiting. Not only was this process becoming extremely expensive, it was also extremely time-consuming. I, in fact, was not meant to be blonde 🙁


This is what my hair looked like the same day that I decided to go back to dark hair… granted, my hair was SOO fucking short now because of how damaged it was but it also looked 10x healthier.

This all occurred around this time last year and my hair is still struggling to grow, but thankfully after a while, it became soft and healthy again (phew)! I think that I will just stick to coloring my hair from now on. I would love to do some auburn highlights or dye my hair a blue-black shade.

Heres the thing, I’m not a professional, but I feel that if you are thinking of totally bleaching your hair from a dark color to a super light color, to really take everything into consideration… especially the part where your hair will feel like MUSH when you shower… literal mush, it was terrible & also took hours to dry.


Thanks for keeping up with me! 🙂

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion” – Dalai Lama



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  1. I literally cannot bleach my hair so my new thing is wearing high quality wigs a la Kylie Jenner! Check out the latest story on my blog for more info! 😘💕

  2. Antsafanou says:

    Dark hair fits you perfect^^

  3. Leo says:

    Love it and your page of course 🙂

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