Tom Ford and Chanel and La Mer, Oh My!

Hello hello hello! I am back and ready to talk about more makeup! In a previous post, I showed my 5-minute makeup routine, in which I primarily use affordable drugstore makeup. This post is going to be on the total opposite end of the spectrum, we are going from using $8 foundations to $58 foundations. This post is dedicated to my current favorite luxury makeup!

Trust me, I love inexpensive high-quality products just like the next gal but man, I just love my high-end makeup. I would argue that about 50% of my makeup is high end/luxury and the other half is affordable. There have been plenty of luxury beauty products that I have tried, hated, and totally regretted the purchase. I was hesitant to create this post because it revolves around spending a lot of money on products that are not necessities and in today’s society people get offended by others just fucking breathing… But here’s the thing, I don’t care what you do with your money so please don’t get offended with what I do with mine 🙂 An intelligent fellow once said, “Don’t judge others because they sin differently than you do



Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel: This wonderful cream bronzer is a dream and so easy to apply! I prefer more natural makeup looks & definitely love a more natural/glowy skin appearance. $50 well spent in my opinion! (Also, when you guys see the abbreviation IMHO, do you say in my honest opinion or humble???)

Tom Ford Lip Gloss in shade Naked: Nothing beats Tom Ford lip glosses. I have tried many glosses & cannot stand the tacky feeling but TF really does it right, this gloss actually adds moisture to my lips instead of stripping the moisture from them!

Tom Ford Eye Shadow Quad in shade Seductive Rose: If I could purchase everything Tom Ford I would. Seductive Rose gives a very gentle and flirty look to the eyes. The glitters in this quad are top quality and stay on all day – they also don’t have much fallout so that’s a plus!

YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint Foundation: I love the smell of this foundation, love the smell so much. This foundation gives an airbrush appearance and doesn’t separate on my skin or cling to dry patches! A little goes a long way for sure and thank goodness it does because the price is steep.

NEST Amazon Lily Perfume: Although this isn’t a “makeup” product it still makes me feel beautiful! The notes are Brazilian Lime, Tangerine, Amazon Lily, Driftwood, Musk. Perfume notes are so strange because they’re used to describe the scent of the perfume but I have no idea what a Brazilian Lime smells like or an Amazon Lily – oh well.

Burberry Blush: Out of the 9 Light Glow Burberry Blushes, I own 6 of them because that’s how sensational they are. I go without wearing makeup all of the time but I really just love to apply a pop of Burberry blush to my cheeks to give me some color. These blushes go on so smooth, I am in love!

Burberry Luminous Fluid Primer: I am so glad that I found this primer because it has been a game changer in my makeup routine, especially when my skin is feeling a little dull. I love the sheer dewy finish that it gives my skin.

Lancome Absolue Powder: This is one of the few powders that I have found on the market that truly gives a luminous appearance to the skin. This is wonderful to use as a natural highlight but I have found that it can be built up and turned into a blinding highlight! The powder is extremely smooth and so finely milled, A+ Lancome, phenomenal job as always!

Givenchy Lip Stick: Unfortunately I can’t find this specific line of Givenchy lipsticks but what I can tell you about this brands lipsticks is they are amazing! I really don’t care for lipsticks as a whole because they strip the moisture from my lips. As previously mentioned, I have dry skin, which means that sometimes I do get dry lips, it isn’t cute, I am very self-conscious about it… whateverrrr! Anyway, Givenchy never does me wrong.

Givenchy Loose Powder: This is my ride or die loose setting powder. Technically, it is a “matte” loose powder but it gives my skin an airbrush finish while still allowing it to breathe. Once again because of my dry skin, I despise matte products, butttt this one is amazing. I am already on my 3rd container of it. Also, this powder truly keeps your makeup in place all day/night. I hope they never discontinue this product, it will break my heart if they do!!

Chanel Eyeshadow Quad: I enjoy using the Chanel quads with the TF quads because the shadow shades & textures compliment one another well. The matte Chanel shadow shades apply to the eyes effortlessly and have a rich pigment to them. IMHO, I don’t care for the shimmer/glitter shades, probably because nothing compares to TF. I have a handful of these Chanel Quads, they are all beautiful and I love each one equally :,)

Also, when you see the abbreviation, IMHO, do you refer to the H as “humble” or “honest” because I totally refer to it as “honest” but some of my friends say “humble”… I need answers and totally wish WordPress had a more interactive system so I could do a poll or something.

Moving on…

Chanel Lip Liners: So you might be thinking, $31 for a colored pencil? Are you crazy??? And to that, I say yes and no. Hear me out, you probably know by now that I have dry lips (wow, this whole post has turned into my skin problems – lol… wonderful!!) and truly appreciate a lip liner that glides on my lips effortlessly and does not yank at my lips. So yes, I have several Chanel Lip Liners and thoroughly enjoy them! I love a pouty lip.

Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss: Honestly, I have no idea why I put this lip gloss in the photo because it isn’t (IMO) what I would consider a “luxury” product, but then again it kinda is because it isn’t sold at the drug store… but then again everyone has different perceptions of what is considered luxury or affordable! It is a great lip gloss, a bit thicker than TF but wears wonderfully! #teamthick? Wow, I can’t believe I just made that reference.

La Mer Powder: Yep, $95 for this powder. Again, I justify it because well, it doesn’t cling to my dry skin. I love this product because I can apply it over my foundation to set it and lock it in all day long orrrr I can apply it when wearing no makeup and just want an even skin tone. You don’t find many products nowadays that can be worn by themselves with no products beneath or above it. You might think spending $95 for a powder is silly and it probably is but whatever 🙂

All of these products were used to create this look….



I love a pouty lip, how about you?? 🙂

Be sure to let me know if you have any luxury beauty products that you can’t live without or if you have tried any of the products mentioned above! I would love to know what you think 🙂 Thank you so much for KUWK! Xoxo

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