Stupid Purchases

I might be the queen of stupid purchases.. you live and learn. I lived & I learned, I really try to spend my money much more wisely now. I think the worse thing that can happen to a person is for them to acquire a large lump sum of money.. especially at a young age.

**Disclaimer, please move on with your life if you don’t want to read about high end purchases I made at a young age. I am now very aware that money could have been spent more efficiently**

Learn from my mistakes ladies and gents!

  1. My most ridiculous purchase was my brand new mercedes benz. I am so embarrassed of this purchase. I didn’t have millionaire money.. not even close but I still wanted a brand new benz (I had a perfectly functioning 3 year old honda civic too). I got the light up benz logo (so stupid). I spent probably $500 in total for car washes. The second day that I had the brand new car I scrapped my rims on a sidewalk ledge because I was unsure of the power/handling of the car. I also had a white interior – I highly advise you to never get a white leather interior because you’ll be in the shop every few months getting it cleaned. I ended up selling the car after a year and a half and ended up leasing a 2016 honda civic. I was ignorant and put a super large deposit down so my lease payments were cheap … I got into a car accident and the car was totaled so that downpayment was a waste of money.


After the Honda was reported totaled I had to find a new car.. I got a ford escape, which I really do love (I don’t love the monthly payments though).

2. My second most stupid purchase is an incredibly beautiful louis vuitton. I bought it for myself for christmas one year – so dumb. Instead of getting the typical louis vuitton beginners bag (Approx $1,500). I decided that I had to have this beautiful glossy maroon LV bag (Approx $3000-3500). It was a beautiful bag, but I used it maybe twice because it would get scratched so easily. It was such a waste of money. (Once again forgive me, I was young and stupid). If you have the disposable income to do so, I suggest getting a bag in the traditional monogram canvas – it will last you forever and it is extremely durable.IMG_2671

3. Honestly i’m sure I have other stupid purchases, but i’ll cap it at 3. I truly go above and beyond for christmas & birthdays for those who are in my life. For those who are truly loyal to me I do not regret one penny that I have spent on them. I do regret the money that i’ve spent on those in my life who would come and go. I put a lot of thought into gifts that I buy those that I care about because I am not an easy person to deal with and loyalty means the world to me. I was stupid my first two years of college and would buy dinners/meals for people who I thought were good friends but just turned out to be¬†acquaintances at most. If a friend was really interested in something that I had and I hadn’t used it in a while I would just give it away to them, thinking it would make them happy and make them want to remain friends with me. Fuck that because it lead to these friends getting too comfortable and using me.

A word of advice: if you want something, but you don’t need it.. just patiently wait 5-7 days and if you’re not thinking about it after that amount of time then you probably didn’t need that item & you just saved yourself some money !! ūüėČ

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