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I have been blogging for months now and still haven’t found a niche. Basically, my niche is the fact that I don’t have a specific niche. I blog about beauty, lifestyle, cooking, mental health, and experiences from my life. My goal for this blog is to reach those who I would not be able to reach if it were not for blogging, so basically, I want to reach strangers… Think Humans of New York or the Stranger Project. I want to have an impact on those who I do & do not know and hope to keep this blog as raw and transparent as possible.

I recently graduated college (Economics and Political Science) and am actively seeking employment. Don’t ask me what I want to do for a career because I don’t know, does anyone ever really know how they want to spend the rest of their life? All I know is that whatever I end up doing I hope it makes a positive difference in the lives of others, a sustainable impact. Lately, it feels like I am waiting for something big to happen, I feel like I am inching closer & closer to something but am so unsure of what it is.

Hmmm, what else… I love to travel, but probably don’t do it enough.



Something important to know about me is that I have a very dry sense of humor, which many can not appreciate even in my everyday life so I imagine it may be particularly difficult for you to pick it up via the internet.

I feel like this is an awkward speed date… Ok, so I don’t totally know what else to say except please check out my blog posts by clicking on the categories listed above!

I hope you enjoy KUWK and connect with me on my other platforms!

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All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream” – Edgar Allan Poe 

“Don’t judge someone because they sin differently than you” – {I don’t know how to quote the bible}

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