College & Life

This post may be super rambly, but that’s just how I’m feeling lately. I’ve learned to be open and blunt with what’s on my mind, regardless of what others may think.   I am so excited for this semester to be done with. By Tuesday afternoon I will have completed two exams, a quiz, and […]


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My Skin Care Holy Grail Products!

I have become obsessed with skincare over the past few months. I used to be makeup obsessed and would cake on so much, every single day. I started to see a dermatologist over a year ago because of cystic acne and I have seen such a difference in my skin since starting my little skin […]

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My Shift from Tangible Items to Adventures

Over the past few years I have began to shift my interests from tangible items to experiences. I have learned that you can have an abundance of things but they don’t have nearly as much value as adventures you can go on with people that you love. Here are some of the beautiful places that […]

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Stupid Purchases

I might be the queen of stupid purchases.. you live and learn. I lived & I learned, I really try to spend my money much more wisely now. I think the worse thing that can happen to a person is for them to acquire a large lump sum of money.. especially at a young age. […]

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Many Emotions Today

There is nothing that I can’t stand more than when people pity me or feel bad for me. I got this a ton after my mom died… even when it’s mentioned today I have people (who aren’t in close relation to me) saying “wow I am so sorry”, “i’m sorry to hear that”, “I couldn’t […]

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My Travel Essentials

Lately, all I have wanted to do is go on vacation and because of that I have been thinking about my trip to Florida in January constantly. I might just be the queen of overpacking & packing hours before I leave. There is a common theme of what I bring with me when I travel. […]

Life Events

A Little More About Me…

Everyone wants to think that they’re super unique, but in reality the majority of people are very normal. I live a very abnormal life – no I don’t lead a double life like Hannah Montana.. I wish!! I want to keep this short and sweet so bear with me… First of all, my dad died […]