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Lately, all I have wanted to do is go on vacation and because of that I have been thinking about my trip to Florida in January constantly.


I might just be the queen of overpacking & packing hours before I leave. There is a common theme of what I bring with me when I travel.

  1. Backup forms of payment – multiple debit/credit cards, check book, cash.
  2. A minimum of 2 pairs of shoes – a pair of walking shoes and a pair of cute versatile shoes. I wouldn’t advice packing more than 3 pairs (depending on the length of your trip).
  3. I always bring my passport and driver’s license with me because god forbid you lose your license… that will lead to a huge headache
  4. Pack clothes that are simple and can be used for multiple outfits – there’s no need to bring your most luxurious and jaw dropping outfits with you because there are shitty people in this world who can take stuff from your luggage at the airport or hotel.
  5. Bring your camera! You want to take quality pictures because you will have those memories and pictures forever. (Don’t bring a polaroid camera, they’re too bulky).
  6. I always bring emergen-c with me because being sick on vacation is awful. Also airports and airplanes are filled with sick strangers. You’re bound to feel under the weather.
  7. I advise bringing an ipad over a laptop because laptops are bulky and typically contain more information & are more expensive.. people suck and steal things
  8. This might not be an essential, but I don’t advice packing shampoo/conditioner/soap – when you arrive at your destination look for a drug store and buy them in travel size form… it will save room in your suitcase and prevent the bottles from exploding in your suitcase
  9. I always pack makeup and only use 20% of it when i’m on vacation… just really think about what you can’t live without and only pack those items. You don’t need 4 lipsticks, 3 blushes, two eyeshadow palettes, 3 foundations, etc… you really only need 1 of each – depending on how long your trip is.
  10. Invest in a portable charger. I promise it will be worth it.




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