My Shift from Tangible Items to Adventures

Over the past few years I have began to shift my interests from tangible items to experiences. I have learned that you can have an abundance of things but they don’t have nearly as much value as adventures you can go on with people that you love.

Here are some of the beautiful places that I have gone within the past year!


I love baseball games. I am a die hard Yankee fan, but if there is an opportunity for me to go to a random game I jump on the chance!


My boyfriend and I are often visiting his sister in New Hampshire. We make it into a mini road trip and I love hanging out with his sister and her girlfriend, they’re like family to me! This was taken at Hampton Beach (which I always thought was the beach that all of the celebrities came to – it’s not.. I still have no idea where the notorious Hamptons are lol)

My love for NYC is unimaginable. Every chance I get, I try to make a trip down there. I don’t think that I could ever live in the city, but I could totally see myself living closer to the city maybe in Jersey or Long Island. There is something so captivating about all of the different people and how each individual has their own story.. as you can imagine, I am a huge HONY fan!


I went to NYC for a few days last february and got the chance to tour the United Nations. I dragged my best friend along with me and she definitely was not nearly as amazed as I was (hehe sorry nik). I have a minor in political science and wish that I was able to major in it instead. This building gathers representatives from 193 countries to try and tackle some of the world’s largest issues.


I love going to Florida. I was born in florida and have family there, so as you can imagine it’s basically my second home. I love going to the beach and just traveling around. I have a trip planned for January and I am so excited for a little vacation.. it is much needed!


I went to Disney last December for the first time in 10 years. It was beautiful (except the screaming/crying kids lol).


This picture is from way more than a year ago, but in high school I got the chance to visit China for two weeks. The culture, the landmarks, and the people were truly astonishing.


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