My First Tattoo Explained

November 18th would have been my mom’s 57th birthday. Me and my mom had a very non traditional relationship. She was my best friend, not necessarily my mom. Starting around 5th grade I took on the role of being “mom”. She was truly a wonderful person and so very bright. She was a single mom starting when I was 3 years old. To be able to provide for us, she worked from 7am-6pm most days, and then she freelanced for other heart doctors over the weekend. My mom loved her patients and cared so much about them.

She was always a casual drinker, but it progressively got worse. Right now I don’t want to get too in-depth about the stories that I have from being a child of an alcoholic parent, but I saw first hand how alcohol can destroy a person. She passed away my freshman year of high school and my world crumbled. On the outside, I handled it well, but internally I became very self-destructive.

Last year I got my first tattoo on the anniversary of her passing and I know my mom would have freaked out if she were here lol. I don’t have many tangible items from her or my childhood, but I have a tattered letter that she wrote me. I decided that I wanted to get her handwriting on my left wrist so it will be with me forever, even when the physical copy is gone.

Truthfully, it took me about 4-ish years to decide on the perfect tattoo.

This was by far the best decision that I have ever made. Whenever I am having a bad day I just look at my wrist and know that she’s with me.

Thanks for keeping up!

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  1. pluschic says:

    This made me cry, I lost my mom almost 4 years ago. I was super close with her. I know exactly how it feels to have a stormy day without mom by our sides. Nice blog btw, keep it up! 🙂

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