Movies For A Rainy Day

Where I live it has been raining constantly. The thing that I hate most about rainy days is stepping on all of the worms that come up from the soil, blech. What I do love about rainy days is falling asleep to the sound of the rain and watching movies.

I love a good movie any day, but it just feels right to get cozy on the couch, dim the lights, and watch movies on a rainy day.

As for movie genre, I really don’t have a favorite. I actually don’t really care for chick flicks… ok, I like a few chick flicks but for the genre as a whole, it’s not my go to!

Check out this list of my favorite movies for a rainy day (or any day), in no particular order.

Any Harry Potter movie

The Breakfast Club – we’ve all seen that right??

Fight Club – such a classic

Goodfellas – seriously love this movie

The Theory of Everything – my one of my celebrity crushes is Eddie Redmayne

The Place Beyond the Pines – super fun fact, part of this was filmed near where I live

To Kill a Mockingbird – I am sure that we have all read the book, the movie is great too!

Midnight in Paris – The movie, not the porno

White Chicks – I have never met a person who doesn’t like this movie…

A Beautiful Mind – One of my favorites

Good Will Hunting – Another favorite, watch it asap!

Schindler’s List – My favorite movie for sure, I cry every time

Saving Private Ryan – Another movie I cry every time I watch

A Walk to Remember – Totally a chick flick, but a good chick flick!!

  • Side note, bad movies suck but bad chick flicks are terrible!!

Interstellar – Great movie that will leave you thinking about what else there is in the universe

Cast Away – Big fan of this movie!

We Need to Talk About Kevin – Weird ass movie…

Silver Linings Playbook – Super underrated movie, who doesn’t love Bradley Cooper??

The Great Gatsby – I loved the book & loved how the movie turned out

Me Before You – One of my favorite chick flicks!! I cry like a baby every time

Southpaw – Jake Gyllenhaal is the main character… need I say more??

I have definitely given you enough suggestions to keep you busy for the next 30 rainy days! Be sure to let me know if you have seen any of these or what suggestions you may have!!

Thank you for keeping up with me!

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  1. Antsafanou says:

    “Me before you / a walk to remember and harry potter,” that s all I have seen from your list and I really like them too. May be I have seen others but don t remember the title. Enjoy the rain and your movies <3

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