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This might be a strange thing to write about, but I thought that I would share a list of my favorite websites! Hey, I don’t know, maybe someone is looking for some killer websites to peruse 🙂

1. Allure Beauty. This is one of my favorite websites to go on to find new beauty ideas and get inspired. These posts are so incredibly thought out and clearly have a lot of time and effort put into them. The topics range from Makeup, Skin, Hair, Fashion, Wellness, Celebrity, Best of Beauty, and a Beauty Box (which is my favorite subscription box). There is something for everyone on this website, I have it bookmarked!

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2. Another website that I have bookmarked is Influenster. If you don’t know what Influenster is, it’s simply a website that anyone can sign up for, all you have to do is review products and take surveys in hopes of getting chosen for these free VoxBoxes. If you are lucky enough to be chosen, they send out the box and you must complete the tasks they set out for you. Usually, there is a set of mandatory ones and then another set of optional ones. If you don’t have an account, you can use my referral link to sign up here! This little spiel is from my Covergirl Review! I also really enjoy Influenster because it’s another site that I can find new beauty products on!


3. OK, I almost forgot about Refinery29, that would have been a tragedy! This is by far my favorite website. It’s sorta like BuzzFeed but overall better in my opinion. The target audience is definitely more centered around women (also just my opinion). The categories range from Videos, Style, Beauty, Work & Money, Health, Entertainment, Food, and News. There is literally something for everyone. Also, this isn’t just a US-centered blog platform, they reach to the UK and DE as well. I love the layout of the website, it’s very clean looking but also captivating due to the spew of colors!

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4. Beautypedia. This website is great for those who love anything beauty related. The owners of this website truly know what they’re talking about in regards to the nitty-gritty details of makeup and beauty products. You can see the community reviews but also the expert reviews on a product. A lot of beauty products that everyday people love aren’t always loved by experts due to various ingredients in the product. The experts also take into consideration the price of the product when reviewing it. Great website, love it tons!

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5. The Everygirl. This is another website that I browse once in a while! It sort of reminds me of Refinery29. The website definitely isn’t as busy as Refinery29 but I still enjoy reading it from time to time!

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6. Ebates. Don’t argue with me on this one, I love ebates! I’m sure many of you have seen the commercials, ads, and other people promoting ebates. I’m always skeptical too of something that seems too good to be true. Seriously though, ebates does exactly what it claims to do. You use their links when shopping, make a purchase, and get the percentage of cash back that is listed. There is literally nothing else that needs to be done, it’s kinda great! I used ebates all throughout December for my Christmas shopping! Granted you aren’t getting hundreds of dollars back, you get a check quarterly and will range depending on how much you online shop and use the site. Feel free to use my referral code to get cash back while you shop!

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7. SDM. Social Diva Media is such an entertaining blog. It’s all about how to improve your social media appearance, truthfully I just find it entertaining to scroll through sometimes! Definitely is beneficial if you have a blog or social platform you want to improve!

8.The Penny Hoarder. I have been a long time fan of The Penny Hoarder. Honestly, I am not a frugal person at all but I don’t mind saving a few bucks and learning hacks to maximize my utility (yes my degree is in Econ). Also on this website, you can keep up to date with class action lawsuit settlements (Burger King, Vitamix blender, Wells Fargo). Totally a great website that I check here and there! I always leave the website having learned something!

That’s all I got for now! I hope you check out some of these websites and find something that you like 🙂

Thanks for keeping up with me! XOXO

“Do not set yourself on fire in order to keep others warm” – Anonymous??

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  1. [ Smiles ] Thank you for sharing your list of favourite websites with your readers; I will check them out!

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