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Because I have been feeling un-original I decided to search for some inspiration. I stumbled upon Krista Stevens post on “Readers Respond: How Do You Say ‘I love you?’” I found all of the responses to be incredibly interesting because everyone has a different way they have expressed love or how love has been expressed to them. I am a huge believer in expressing your love for a person, not even in a romantic way, but just letting it be known that you care about them.

I am also a big supporter of Be A Good Person movement ( https://www.beagoodperson.com/ ). I believe a part of being a good person involves allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and show someone else love and respect.

I think that I say I love you in small ways and sometimes I don’t think that I remind those in my life enough that I love them. One small thing that I always do is that I always ask the person I love to let me know when they have arrived at their destination so that I know they are safe. I think the smallest actions and words can mean the most.

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