KKW Body Fragrance Review

So, I was lured into the trap of KKW Beauty… lol jk

I decided to purchase the KKW Body Perfume … I have no need for another perfume, the notes didn’t sound appealing to me, but of course, I love Kim, love her hustle, love the fam so I gave her my $60 and patiently waited for the package to arrive.

First off, I got it within a day-ish and I didn’t pay for express shipping so 10 stars for Kim so far!

Now, I think why I bought this was more or less for the packaging. I think Kim has a beautiful body, but I also love bodies in general… super difficult to explain via text but I think bodies are absolutely beautiful. I have art in my apartment that is outlines of the female body, I don’t know, I just think it’s beautiful. Anyway, I love the packaging, it is definitely quality packaging, it’s heavy, and feels luxurious – I especially like the texture, super neat touch they included!


The Notes…

The top notes are Vert de Bergamot, Vert de Mandarin, Baies Rose Orpur, and Peach Nectar. The middle notes are Ylang Ylang Moheli Orpur, Rose Turkey Absolute, and Jasmine Sambac Absolute. The base notes are Vetiver Haiti Orpur, Sandalwood Australia Orpur, Golden Amber, and Musk.

Please don’t ask me what any of that means because honestly, I don’t know, I don’t understand notes and have no idea what half of these things listed in the notes smell like. Except for the “Rose Turkey Absolute” reminds me of Thanksgiving so 🙂

I sprayed it on my wrist and dabbed it on my neck (3 spritz total) and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it. It is totally a sexy alluring scent, more on the floral side, a hint of musk, and sweet. Something I will totally use during this upcoming summer! Also, the strength of the perfume was perfect… not too overpowering but just enough, ya know?

Unfortunately, what I didn’t like was the longevity of the perfume 🙁 I would say that it lasted around 2.5-3 hours before I had to respray. I totally give KKW Beauty credit though because it is a beautiful and unique scent, just doesn’t last very long.

For 100 ML priced at $60, I’m not mad at it by any means. Will I repurchase if I run out? Meh, probably not. But it is sorta like a 2 for 1 because it is totally a cute decor piece (at least I think so)

Be sure to let me know if you purchased this perfume or any of her other perfumes! I would love to know what you think about them!

Thank you for keeping up with me!

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  1. Karalee says:

    The scent sounds nice, but it’s a shame it doesn’t last long!

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