How To Pack 101

Hello hello hello! Truth be told, I am going away for a few days and am here to walk you through how to pack for a trip – hence the “how to” title.

Step 1: Find a suitcase big enough for your needs…


This is the smaller of my two suitcases but I like it because it has the 360 rollers on the bottom and is so much easier to push through the airport. Annnd, because I’m only 5″ tall, the other suitcases are a little over half my height, which makes it look ridiculous when dragging it around the airport. For domestic flights, I strictly fly Southwest, unless I absolutely can’t. Southwest is great because if I over pack and need to bring two suitcases with me then I can do so, free of charge as long as they are under 50 pounds each. I can’t even count on my fingers the number of times that my suitcase weighed 49 pounds.

Step 2: Organize the clothes you want to bring…


I have found this step to be incredibly helpful throughout the years because it gives me a good look at the outfit options that I have. This step also helps me weed out unnecessary clothing items. I get very uncomfortable knowing that I don’t have all of my life with me, which causes me to over pack. Also, since my loving boyfriend who usually carries my heavy bags for me, isn’t coming on this trip, I need to try not to over pack. I made piles for my pants (day pants, sleep pants, workout pants ((maybe I will work out, maybe not)), and shorts), my more “stylish” shirts – I’m not stylish, but these shirts are my non t-shirt shirts, then I have a pile for my t-shirts. This how to post is more difficult than I thought it would be. By sorting out these piles I can really assess whether or not I am likely to wear the item of clothing – basically risk assessment.

There is probably nothing more uncomfortable than being in a city and sightseeing while you are wearing uncomfortable high maintenance clothes. To be honest, I basically made sure to pack something for every situation… hurricane, tornado, blizzard, earthquake, you need it, I got it. 

Step 3: Put clothes into suitcase & adjust accordingly


So, this is something new that I am trying… I put everything basically in 4 sections to try to stay as organized as possible. I don’t think this serves any purpose, but it is visually more appealing than just throwing clothes in the suitcase wherever (IMHO). I don’t even think I have mentioned where I am going yet?? I’m going to Washington DC for a few days to visit my very intelligent friend who is interning for NASA, still so proud of her :,) and then I’ll come home and that same day I will be heading to NYC for a few days.

On the other side of my suitcase is where I’ll put my toiletry bag, makeup bag, shoes, etc. I have no idea what shoes I should be bringing with me, that will be a last minute decision for sure.

Step 4: Take everything out of the suitcase and repeat (several times)

So if you’re anything like me and get stressed about not having everything important with you, then you’ll probably unpack and repack a handful of times just to put your mind at ease. No matter how many times I pack & repack, I still end up forgetting something – it wouldn’t be an adventure for me if I didn’t forget something at home.

I also always bring this Ziploc baggie with me when I travel – it basically has anything small that I might need, Tylenol, Wet Wipes, Gum, Band Aids, Dramamine, Emergency Packets, etc, etc, etc.


I think that I will do another post before I leave showing what is in my makeup/toiletry bag & carry on bag.

Thank you for KUWK! I hope you enjoyed this eccentric how to post. Be sure to connect with me on Instagram!

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“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” – Jim Rohn

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  1. Great post, packing can be so stressful! I definitely would add making lists as well before you start; that always helps me!

  2. markd60 says:

    I recpectfully disagree with step one. All the women I know, pack extremely densely. Like black hole matter dense. Therefore, the size of the bag must have a volume, that, when multiplied by the same volume as the weight of black hole matter, is less that the overweight limit for the mode of travel.
    If my wife gets a suitcase “big enough for her needs”, it will weigh several million, bajillion tons. She must be limited to small-to-medium size bags.

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