Drifting Friendships

Did you know that WikiHow has a 13 step guide on how to deal with a fading friendship… when I think of WikiHow, I think of a step by step guide to making a pb&j.

In most relationships, I have always been the friend to initiate everything, phone calls, conversations, plans. It is exhausting and discouraging. It partially might be exhausting because I always feel the need to compete and go above and beyond, which is my own personal issue. I’m not someone who has a cluster of friends, I have a select few close friends who I trust and I’m OK with that. I’m not in a position that I think I need to go out and end the friendships that I have, I’m just sorta letting them fade out and putting myself first for once. I have also recognized that I am not the go-to friend in a time of need, a crisis, to vent, or just to hang out, so of course, I question the value of myself when I recognize that continuous cycle.

It’s kinda shitty ya know, to go all of your life knowing someone but looking back on the past and wondering if it was a one-sided relationship. I find it weird that best friends can shift slowly towards acquaintances, like how does that happen so quickly with no previous recognition of it occurring?

Life is so strange, I’m not sure who is to blame or what is to blame for this dwindling bond. Part of me wants to take full ownership and say that it’s my fault for not continuing to initiate conversations or plans but if you were in my position you would be exhausted too.

I’ve read a bunch of articles on reasons why friendships end/fade and there is a frequent trend.
Common reason #1. Distance
Common reason #2. Nothing to talk about
Common reason #3. Different interests
Common reason #4. Being “too” close
Common reason #5. Lack of time

Although these reasons seem valid, I feel like they are easy enough to fix… I guess that’s half the battle, putting in the effort to change or prevent something from happening.

I don’t know… friendships are weird, relationships are weird, life is weird for sure. Just gotta take life day by day and do the best that I can!

Thank you for keeping up with me for another scattered and rambly post!


“Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness” – Euripides

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  1. antsafanou says:

    totally relate^^

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