DIY Vanity Lights: A Review

I was fortunate enough to receive a dope LED Light Strip gift from the brand Sunnest! I was instantly intrigued when they reached out to me because for the longest time I have been wanting to put lights around my vanity so that I could get that “beauty guru/enthusiast” theme! The only issue is that I am not a DIY kinda gal, I really struggle with arts and crafts – hahaha, it is kinda sad.


I received the Sunnest 2 Reels, 12V 32.8ft Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light Kit which came with…

Adhesive backed LED strip
Remote control w/ battery
Power Cable
Receiver for remote

Literally, nothing else was required to build my own beauty enthusiast vanity!
The light reels have 20 different color options along with 8 different modes to create a more consistent and vibrant light experience.



The adhesive is good quality and sticks well, maybe too well since I love to change my mind frequently and changed the location of the lights halfway through setting them up! I just suggest being sure where you are going to put these before you mount them.

Anywayyy, thankfully assembling these lights from Sunnest was super simple and took me no more than 15 minutes after I settled on where to put the lights.



I found this to be a cheaper alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on lighting and thankfully received the same quality. I love how you can easily change the lighting depending on what mood you are in… I think that this lighting system is a really great product that is no doubt an alternative to spending hundreds on complicated vanity lights! These lights are also great for those of you who are like me and are not DIY queens.

Again, a big thank you to Sunnest for sending over this innovative lighting system! Check out their website here to see the variety of lighting products that they offer! 🙂

Thank you for keeping up with me!! Xoxo

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