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Let me start off by saying, I am not great at fashion, there are totally other blogs that you can check out if you want a very detailed guide to fashion. I’m just an every day college gal who wears what she wants as long as its comfortable. My typical outfit for going to class is jeans and a sweatshirt, when I have my internship on the same day as class I do tend to spruce it up a little bit. Just wanted to give you a disclaimer that I am not a pro at this, but I do like to dress up when I can! 🙂

Shall we continue…

My boyfriend and I never go out on valentines day anymore just because in the past it has been a huge disaster with reservations, plans, weather, crowds, etc. The past few years we have stayed in together on valentines day and celebrated it a few days later and it has worked out wonderfully 🙂 I really do not like crowds, I don’t like the “pressure” of valentines day, and I don’t like when things don’t go according to plan it truly makes my anxiety heightened. Also when we celebrate valentines day we also celebrate my birthday. My birthday is a week before valentines day and it’s pretty unrealistic to do two really nice dinners one week apart. Combining my birthday and valentines day allows for me to relax and enjoy both days with my boyfriend and also allows me to go to dinner with my family and friends that week as well. Truth be told, going out to nice dinners multiple days in a row is exhausting and tedious. So that’s our solution and we’re sticking to it 🙂

We typically go to the Melting Pot for both Valentine’s day and our anniversary, it’s a tradition, I’m extremely superstitious, and it was my mom’s favorite restaurant so it holds a special place in my heart. Anyway, we decided to go to a nice upscale steakhouse near us because we’ve never been, heard its good (it should be for the $$$$), and our favorite restaurant is Mastros in NYC so we wanted to compare the two.

IMG_8795       IMG_8755

I love my boyfriend but we’ve been together for over 5.5 years, super long time, super comfortable with one another so I don’t really feel the pressure anymore to go crazy and dress up when we do things.

I knew that I wanted to wear this high neck shirt because I bought it a few months ago and still had not worn it. The material is satin I believe, or something similar to satin (not a pro). I got the shirt from NY&Co – I love this store and feel that it is incredibly underrated… the quality of the clothes are amazing and super inexpensive! I bought the shirt on clearance during the big blowout sale, but I feel like even if you wore this top it would still look cute and simple!

I couldn’t figure out if I wanted to wear pants or a skirt – where I live it is freezing. I really liked the skirt (I think its also from NY&Co ), I adore pencil skirts, they are so feminine and sexy, I think they truly bring out the best of your curves! I just didn’t feel comfortable in the skirt that day I guess, it didn’t feel, right? I started to panic lol, nothing sucks more than feeling unattractive in an outfit that you know should be cute! I tried on a pair of high waisted ankle pants from Express and loved the look! I wear these pants often for work and feel that they are a wardrobe must in everyone’s closet no matter your style! I especially love these pants during the summer, they are so versatile and fit wonderfully. I am definitely more on the “plus size” / “curvy” side for pants so I always struggle to find a pair that fits right, makes me feel good, and are versatile. I’m also only 4’11 so finding pants that don’t need alterations is extremely difficult as well. The fabric of these pants is crepe – I have no idea what that means but it totally worked with the top. It is difficult for me to match fabrics well, I think that’s another reason why I didn’t like the top with the skirt, the fabrics weren’t complimenting one another well.

Side note, does anyone else have the iPhone X and feel like the camera is still just mediocre? I thought that will taking mirror pictures it would at least be a little better for the price, but I feel like its mediocre.


I really love wearing dark colors, they’re usually easy to match and I feel like they just overall look nicer on me. I pair the outfit with a cute pair of nude heels that I picked up at Macy’s! Some of my favorite shoes are from INC and Anne Klein, they are simple, stylish, and so comfortable. I have had foot surgery on both of my feet and comfort means everything to me.

One of my weaknesses is designer purses, love them so much. I brought my old Gucci crossbody bag. It’s super old, probably considered vintage by now 🙂


I did a super simple makeup look for this date. Super simple, I was running late because I was blogging 😉


Step 1. Moisturize – ALWAYS

Step 2. Primer – YSL : $$$

Step 3. Powder Charlotte Tilbury Powder: $$

Step 4. Contour Burberry: $$$

Step 5. Blush Burberry: $$$

Step 6. Mascara Benefit Roller Lash: $$

Step 7. Liquid Lipstick Sephora: $

Step 8. Brows Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil: $/$$

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“Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It’s the best part of the day” – George Allen Sr

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