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Just the other day I received the Covergirl VoxBox from Influenster. I am so excited to receive this box because I don’t use Covergirl too often and have been wanting to try them out!

Real quick, if you don’t know what Influenster is, it’s simply a website that anyone can sign up for where you review products and take surveys in hopes of getting chosen for these free VoxBoxes. If you are lucky enough to be chosen, they send out the box and you must complete the tasks they set out for you. Usually, there is a set of mandatory ones and then another set of optional ones. If you don’t have an account, you can use my referral link to sign up here!

IMG_8735 IMG_8737 IMG_8747

I received the shades Bellerina, Current Nude, and Double Platinum.

The top picture is Ballerina, the middle picture is Current Nude, and the bottom picture is Double Platinum. Let me start off by saying sorry that these aren’t the best pictures in the world, I didn’t want to put a bunch of makeup on – I was too excited to test out the products to fuss with my other makeup!

The consistency of these two liquid lipsticks is amazing in my opinion! They are super lightweight and comfortable on my lips. They are definitely a whipped consistency, which is why it feels so lightweight. Also, I appreciate that the formula doesn’t cling to the dry patches on my lips. I definitely prefer Ballerina over Current Nude because I have very fair skin and don’t care for nudes. I think that Current Nude is a pure skin tone shade and would look beautiful on darker complexions. Ballerina is also a perfect mixture of pink and nude, it compliments my skin tone a little more. I think these are comparable to the Kylie x Kim collection of liquid lips.

The downside of these products is that not a lot of product comes off on the doe foot applicator so I found myself constantly going for more product. Also, I needed multiple layers to make sure that my lips were completely covered.


Onto the Double Platinum lip gloss. OK, so this was the product that I was most excited about due to the picture on the box. Sadly I am incredibly disappointed with this product and it is not worth the money at all. Sorry Covergirl! I think this would have been a fabulous product if it were a liquid lipstick like the other two but because it’s a lipgloss the consistency of the product does not allow for the full intended look. The gloss appeared to be incredibly inconsistent, there were sparkles in one place and sheer gloss in another – it wasn’t cute. Also, maybe my skin is too fair for this product to look nice on me, but in general I think it’s a flawed product. I also thought that maybe I needed to put the gloss on top of the liquid lipstick to help it look nicer, but that also didn’t help much.

IMG_8749                                                                       IMG_8751

I know that the picture on the bottom looks sloppy and half-assed but it took me a solid 5 minutes to mess around with the product to try and get a similar result as the picture on the box. I think for the average person, this product won’t be useful and will be extremely difficult to manage.

Overall, I really like the two liquid lipsticks and definitely will be incorporating them into my everyday makeup! There are 12 shades to pick from and are only around $6.99 depending on where you purchase them!


Thank you for keeping up with me!

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