Cosmetic Surgery: My Boob Job

Hello again! 🙂

In this post, I want to talk about my breast augmentation (boob job). My opinion on plastic surgery is that I love it, but I literally do not care about others who get it done – it’s your body so it’s none of my business, as long as you’re happy, I’m happy!

Also if you’re uncomfortable with the human anatomy and/or plastic surgery then I would recommend that you click on a different post.

For literally as long as I can remember (maybe middle school), I have wanted a boob job. I was always insecure about my breasts and how they look.

One thing to know when deciding on getting a boob job is that EVERYONE will have an opinion and the only fucking opinion that matters is your opinion and your surgeon’s opinion. I really try to keep to myself at school, I have some really close friends and then some acquaintances.

It wasn’t a secret that I was getting a boob job, I tweeted about it, snap chatted about it… like I really didn’t care who knew because I was so excited and happy. I don’t remember who told me, but they were like “oh ____ and _____ and all of the guys were talking about how you’re getting a boob job” … I was so annoyed because who cares ya know?? Also, I was only acquaintances with these people so there wasn’t a need to be talking about it. I decided to purge all acquaintances from twitter & snapchat – I only have good friends on those platforms now and like one or two acquaintances.

I had my initial visit with my plastic surgeon (who I love, he’s wonderful), and we talked about what I wanted to be done, why I wanted it, and all of the nitty-gritty. I told him that I wanted a breast lift and implants because I still wanted to have full breasts.

After this appointment, I went back into the office after a week or so to try on breast implants. My surgeon recommended 240cc-300cc for what I was looking to achieve. I should probably mention that I was a 34D before surgery. Anywayyyy, I decided to go with 240cc because it complimented my frame very nicely. I really wanted to do 300cc but my breasts would have been way too big and would sag quicker.

Fun fact, a breast lift is not a permanent solution and only sets back time. If you have large breasts and get a lift you will still in the future probably experience sagging.

`I paid probably closer to $12k for everything.


This picture ^^^ was taken about 2 weeks prior to my boob job. Also, don’t let the picture fool you, I definitely tried to pose in the most flattering way possible to look my breasts not look saggy.

On surgery day, I had to check in to the hospital super early – like 6am ish. I was actually like questioning my decision that morning and was panicking… being nervous is pretty normal though, so thankfully I didn’t back out.

I was told to wait until I got to the hospital to pee, but unfortunately, when you have to go then you have to go… who doesn’t pee first thing when they wake up??? So by the time that I got to the hospital I didn’t have to use the bathroom… the nurses were so annoyed with me lol. I told them that I wouldn’t be able to pee no matter how hard I tried. Eventually, they realized that I wasn’t joking so they decided to take blood instead. This was all just to make sure that I wasn’t pregnant, typical hospital stuff.

Finally, I get taken to the pre-op waiting area where my surgeon came back and made markings all over my chest. I had to get an IV treatment right before surgery so I didn’t bleed out basically (I have a bleeding disorder) and then I was wheeled off to the OR.

I warned the nurses that I was going to pee during surgery because for some reason every surgery that I have gotten I end up peeing during. They hooked me up to a bunch of machines and another IV for the meds – so I had an IV in both arms and one in my hand. My surgeon already had his tunes on and was really getting in his zone. Next thing I know I was feeling super sleepy and weightless. I woke up towards the end of my surgery and was trying to make noise to let them know that I was awake because I couldn’t take due to the tube down my throat. I wasn’t in excruciating pain when I briefly was awake but whatever was going on at the time burned and stung so fucking bad. I remember a nurse saying that I was waking up and then the next thing I know I was out of surgery.


While in the recovery area I was still extremely groggy and was sure to ask every single nurse if “I had nice boobies now” 🙂 🙂 I also kept peeing because I had so much fluid inside of me from my treatment prior to surgery. Also, I peed a lot during surgery, just like I had warned them.

Let it be known that once again I pulled out another IV because the nurses were busy… I have had a handful of surgeries and have been very adamant about taking out my own IV. I’m seriously that patient who has watched every episode of Greys Anatomy and thinks that she’s a surgeon because of it.

Between the surgery and my treatment, I was exhausted. A lot of people say that after a boob job it feels like an elephant is sitting on their chest… for me, my chest just felt tight, it wasn’t too bad! The most uncomfortable part the following few days was my throat and abdomen actually.

My boyfriends family let me recover at their house thankfully. I slept for about 3 days straight, only waking up to go to the bathroom and take my painkillers… besides that I was really out of it – which is also from my treatment. Recovery really wasn’t all that bad the following weeks. I definitely pushed myself and thought that I could do everything.

I experienced a lot of bruising, swelling, and my boobs felt like fucking rocks lol. I was also extremely bloated due to my treatment (that’s a side effect). Everything from my face to my feet were swollen and bloated 🙁



Like I said, I bruised like crazy… this was taken 4 days after surgery.


^^^ My boyfriend was kind enough to capture this beautiful picture of me sleeping.


After I few days I felt completely fine. That strap around my chest was to push my breasts down. I also still wear my surgical bra, I love it so much… it’s so comfy!

2 weeks after surgery I went on vacation and of course, I got an infection! I actually got an infection in both breasts. I was swimming in the pool and ocean (highly frowned upon) and laying on the beach. I had to send pictures to the nurse who then showed my doctor in order to know what medication to prescribe to help the infection.


In this picture ^^^ my breasts were still hard and sat super super high on my chest, it felt like they were at my throat lol.

After a few weeks, they began to settle (drop) so nicely. Looking back on the surgery, it was worth every penny. My scars are still pretty bad but I’m not someone who is super self-conscious about scars. Oh, I also forgot to mention that for about 6-7 months my right nipple was completely numb. I eventually got feeling back though 🙂

I’m trying to think if I missed anything… I really love the results and do not regret my decision one bit. Also, I am around a 36 DD-DDD now, which is a little bigger than I was pre-surgery but I am still comfortable and my breasts are perky!


If you have any questions please feel free to ask! 🙂

Thank you oh so much for keeping up with me!


“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life” – Omar Khayyam

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  1. I really love the way the boobs turned out. You looked so much in pains. I really want to get a liposuction but I can’t stand the pain.

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