Cosmetic Surgery: Lip Filler

Everyone has their own opinions about plastic surgery. My opinion is that I love plastic surgery and what I have done thus far. My opinion about others getting plastic surgery is that I don’t care – it’s not my body so why should I have an opinion about what you do to your body!

I have been getting lip fillers for about 4 years now. I get the filler once every 8 months just to maintain the voluminous appearance. My lips were never my biggest insecurity and thought that it would be cool to try out. I went to one plastic surgeon who used Restylane and took a very very conservative approach… which looking back at now sort of pisses me off because I paid $650 for him to not even use half a syringe.


This picture was taken a few days before getting filler. As you can see, I had very thin lips – which is totally fine, but I wanted to see a little change.


This picture ^^^ was taken a few days after getting filler, there is hardly any difference.


It was all very anticlimactic and I was left sort of disappointed. Within the next week, I called a different plastic surgeons office. My initial visit with him was when I knew he was the one – lol, not like romantically, but he was going to be my plastic surgeon for whatever I would get in the future.

I dragged my boyfriend to go with me so I wasn’t nervous. His opinion on it at first was a little uneasy because he said that there is nothing that I needed to change about myself (how sweet), but now he’s fine with it all and very supportive.


This picture ^^^ was taken a few days after my new plastic surgeon. I was so happy with his work and his manners. He sat and talked with me for a while to get an understanding of what I wanted. I showed him pictures of what I wanted and he told me that it is unrealistic to base my wants off of pictures of others because everyone is different. His honesty was what I really love about him.

Since this picture was taken I have gone back a handful of time and time after time I love the results. Did I forget to mention that he uses Juvederm and not Restylane?

The process itself isn’t too bad at all. I shed a few tears because the only numbing that we do prior is an ice pack because the Juvederm has a numbing agent in it so the only parts that hurt a little are the initial few pricks and then I am numb! On a scale of 1-10, it’s literally only like a 2-3 but I cry because lips are extremely sensitive just like the nose.

My recovery has varied for sure… In the middle of my plastic surgery journey, I found out that I have a blood disorder. My recovery time pre-discovery was extremely minimal, a little swelling and little to no bruising. Since discovering my bleeding disorder I have experienced a lot more swelling (literally Farah Abraham type swelling)… I won’t go out for a few days and if I do I wear big ole sunglasses – not that sunglasses conceal your lips but they deff make me feel a little better. I also bruise like crazy when I get the filler now.

I really want to insert a picture but the last thing that I need is my picture to end up on some random website for worlds worst plastic surgery or something even though it’s not, it’s just how I heal, unfortunately.


This is more like what my lips typically look like… lol my boyfriend would kill me if he knew I uploaded this picture 🙂


I feel like this post is long enough, I’ll just upload a different post about my boob job!


Thank you so much for keeping up with me, I have so much love for all of you!!

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