Allure Beauty Box: KVD Fail

Every single month I look forward to my Allure Beauty Box… it is my absolute favorite subscription box. It is superior to Ipsy, Birchbox, ETC. Truthfully, this months box was dull IMHO (also, do you say IMHO as ‘in my honest opinion’ or ‘in my humble opinion’)?


I love the design of this months box, it is super edgy compared to the traditional red box that we typically get.

Anyway, there was so much potential with this collab, which is why I’m so frustrated! Now, put all of your emotions aside about Kat Von D and her recent statements about anti-vaccination – she does have a killer makeup line (no puns intended). I felt incredibly jipped (gypped??).


Here we get out typical Allure Beauty Box pamphlet that tells you about the products, there is a wonderful picture of KVD on the cover!


Sooo… Here are the products…


I was especially excited to see this OleHenriksen Transforming Walnut Scrub – I adore OleHenriksen, I believe this brand has some of the absolute best quality skin care products in the market. Also, this is a full-size product which is a wonderful perk! Retail: $28


The next product I saw was a KVD travel mirror… now, this compact “travel” mirror is terrible quality and feels like plastic. Furthermore, the mirror side has no protector so it is going to get scratched in a minute – I feel like I have already scratched the surface of the mirror lol 🙂 Retail: $15ish … seriously don’t waste your money on this…


Ok ok ok… this is by far the most infuriating product in this months box. Does anyone actually use these sample size lipsticks? I never do, I feel like they are absolute cop-outs and just filler for the box. I found that Ipsy & boxy charm often would use these products as filler. Also, what kills me is when the subscription box company has the nerve to say that the “value” of the box is $95 (for example) – please stop valuing a sample size product as the value of the full size. The pamphlet says that the value of this lipstick is $19 – sure that is the value of a full-size lipstick, not one that is the size of my pinky toe.



Another sample size product (yawnnnn). I thought that I was subscribed to Allure, not Ipsy. Anyway, this is the notorious KVD Tattoo Liner which retails at $20. But since this liner is the size of my pinky, I will value it at $5 (probably less).


Awesome, a decent (I think full size??) product! Just kidding, I just looked online and the full-size product is SIZE 0.01 oz/ 0.3 g … so close to full size. Whatever, this looks like a really beautiful liner which I know for sure I will use.

Overall, I am absolutely not thrilled with this beauty box and I hope Allure never does us dirty like this again 🙁 Please let me know if you got this box also, if so, let me know your thoughts!!

Thank you for KUWK, Xoxo

“Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind” – Eric Hoffer

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