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I have had the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette since the day it was released, it has all of the colors that I love.

Just look at those beautiful warm shades, I had to have it – even though I have all of those colors in numerous other palettes. Anyway, I purchased it and never even used it… it totally just sat on my vanity collecting dust.


I decided the other day that I was gonna have a makeup therapy session (anyone else do that??). Perfect time to use this palette. I’m not going to show every single step in this post because it seems sort of foolish to do so.

I don’t have terrible skin, some clear discoloration, and redness but nothing too major.


I washed my skin first and let the moisturizer set in for a few minutes. Another product that I purchased and never got around to using is the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Base. This day was the first impression of a variety of products!

Year round, anything that says “glow” “luminous” or “natural” I am all about it. I have moderately dry skin so I stray away from full coverage and matte products. The primer left my skin looking so hydrated and fresh… it lives up to the claims and the price tag!

The foundation of choice this day was the IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Compact. I would consider it to be a medium coverage that can definitely be built up to full coverage. When I wear this foundation I truly don’t need any concealer, it gives a natural skin-like finish while still covering up redness and discoloration!

After foundation, I contour with the cream Tarte Contouring Face Slenderizer (odd name, but love the product!) I think many people make the mistake of using bronzer as a contour which I don’t recommend at all. Whichever contour product that you use should have a gray undertone to help give the appearance of a shadow. Bronzers are warmer and should give a “sun-kissed” glow to your skin and some dimension!

I know that at the beginning of this post I said that I don’t like heavy products or products that can look cakey but bear with me. I adore the Givenchy Poudre Première Mat & Translucent-Finish Loose Powder. I am on my third container because that’s how much I love it. It is such a finely milled powder and really melts into my skin and leaves my skin looking airbrushed.


So after I set my face, I bronze up my skin with the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. I really gotta make sure I use a light hand with this product because it can leave my fair skin looking muddy real quick. Great product for the price! I feel like everyone has tried this bronzer by now!

After powders

So After I give my skin some slight color, I use the Burberry Blush in shade Cameo. I typically put blush on the apples of my cheeks, this time wasn’t any different. If you have never tried Burberry makeup products, I highly recommend only if you have the money to splurge a little… if not, these products aren’t going to transform your entire life, I just enjoy them!

Ok, finally onto the eyes… I really wanted to go for a “messy” eye look. I don’t care much for doing super neat eye looks (cut crease for example), personally, on me I love really smoked out looks. I used two shades in the picture below from the ABH palette, I used Buon Fresco all over my lid and above the crease. I then used Red Ochre in the crease and outer lid and went crazy with blending and smoking out the shadow.



Like I said, I love smoked out eye looks, I think they’re super sexy and flattering on everyone. For the completed eye look I used Cyprus Umber in my outer crease/v area to give my eyes some more depth. I really didn’t want to turn the look into a muddy brown mess so I used an extremely like hand with Cyprus Umber. I blended together more of Red Ochre and Venetian Red and placed it more towards my outer lid/crease area and then blended in towards my inner lid. For this look, I didn’t directly put any product specifically in the middle of my eyelids, I relied on the blended crease shades to give me a softer lid shade without going into another color. I carved out my brow bone with the shade Tempera to “clean” up a little. Oh! I almost forgot I took Red Ochre with a pencil brush and totally smoked out the shade from the inner lower lash line to the outer lower lash line. I find that smoking out the lower lash line really brings the whole eyeshadow look together.



I didn’t get a great finished look, but all I did after the eyeshadow was pop on some Nyx liquid black eyeliner, filled my brows in with ABH Brow Definer and used the slightest bit of Burberry Highlighter.


Thank you so much for hanging out for another one of my posts, it means the world to me! Thank you for KUWK <3 <3

Let me know in the comments if you love the ABH palette or any of the other products that I mentioned!


“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind” – Joyce Meyer

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  1. I love the modern renaissance palette as well! The colors go perfect with everything!

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