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Everyone wants to think that they’re super unique, but in reality the majority of people are very normal. I live a very abnormal life – no I don’t lead a double life like Hannah Montana.. I wish!! I want to keep this short and sweet so bear with me…

First of all, my dad died when I was 3 due to medical malpractice. I received a lump sum of money from the lawsuit, which when you think about it.. the amount that I got was miniscule for the life altering decisions that were made.

Secondly, my mom remained a single mother up until her death when I was 14.

My mom worked substantially more than 40 hours a week so her mom took care of me from about 7:30am to 6-8pm, 5 days a week.

My mom was also an alcoholic and diagnosed bipolar… that doesn’t make me love her any less.

My grandmother died in 2008 and my mom found out she had liver failure very soon after. We both struggled in our mother-daughter relationship. We struggled mentally and financially as well.

My aunt Joy passed away in 2005. Despite the distance (florida & NY) I was closer to her and my uncle ray than I was with other blood relatives.

August of 2010 my uncle Ray passed away, which broke my heart. Two months later my mom passed away.

I’ve maneuvered life in a messy manner and most of what i’ve learned has been through failure the first time around.

I hope to utilize this blog to post stories about events in my life that have shaped me into who I am today… in addition to some more light hearted senseless material.


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