5 Minute Makeup

Most days I don’t go full glam… actually, most days I don’t even wear makeup – but I still love all things makeup and beauty related. My 5 minute makeup routine is actually my go to makeup and I love how quick and easy it is.

My 5 minute makeup essentials are …

Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid Base : This primer is a staple in my 5 minute makeup routine, it makes my skin look so dewy and fresh. What I also love is it doesn’t make my skin feel tacky or dirty – there are some primers that make my pores feel clogged.

Charlotte Tilbury Powder: I don’t bake or load on a bunch of powder to set my face, I only apply a light layer of the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush powder. It makes my skin look so smooth and even, I love this powder… totally a ride or die for it.

Milani Baked Blush: Who else loves Milani baked blushes??? Super high quality for an affordable price, who doesn’t love that? I like to use Rosa Romantica because it gives off natural pink shade and also gives the appearance that I am wearing highlight when I’m not… when you only have 5 minutes to get ready you can’t always go full glam (unfortunately)

NYX Brow Mascara: I am always rocking a messy/untamed brow look, brows are not my strong point so I like this product because it is so quick and easy!

Too Faced Roller Lash: A holy grail product in my makeup routine. I love this mascara because it makes my eyelashes look full of life and better yet, it doesn’t transfer to my under eyes.

Maybelline BB Cream: I might be on my 8th bottle of the Maybelline BB cream because I love it that much. It doesn’t dry out my skin, gives the perfect amount of light-medium coverage and lasts all day once I set it with the Charlotte Tilbury powder.

Physicians Formula Bronze Trio: Not enough people use this trio and I don’t understand why… it is so expensive and you get 3 in 1!! I love the contour powder, actually, that is the only part of the trio that I use but whatevsss! The contour powder is the perfect shade and really chisels out my non-existent cheekbones.

What products do you use in your 5 minute makeup routine?? Comment & let me know 🙂


Thank you for keeping up with me! Xoxo

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